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from idea to product

3d is the central focal point of our activities just like in our name. We support you in the development of your product ideas in all aspects of digital workflow. We produce the materials used in the digital chain for our core markets of audio, dental and other medical technology at our sites in Germany and the USA - from scannable impression material to the dental milling blank. As professional consultants we are also available during the implementation of 3D-based process chains.

  • 3d is our key area of focus
  • Development of product ideas
  • Consulting
  • Core markets: Audio, dental and medical


from biometric data to matter

Together with selected partner companies and a highly qualified team that has many years of experience and expertise in material and process development, we can answer your question: How do I create efficient biometric data and return from the digital world to the real product world?

  • efficient biometric data
  • from the digital to the real world
  • experience and expertise set us apart

from components to processes

pro3dure medical provides customized and proven technology packages. Here the focus is both generative and subtractive manufacturing processes and their integration into digital process chains. We develop customized material solutions for your digital workflow.

  • custom-built
  • customized material concepts
  • generative and subtractive methods


Do you have any particular challenges in the digital environment? Talk to us!